Bari Liberty

Bari is not a monumental city, but if you want to walk and discover its hidden corners, it has a lot to offer. The industriousness of its inhabitants has allowed the creation of small jewels inserted in the urban fabric.
There is a Bari city of the Romanic and a nineteenth-century Bari, but there is also a Bari of the early 1900s that lives the brief season of artistic renewal, passed into history as the age of Modernism or Liberty.
We invite you to browse among the superb palaces of Bari Umbertina and in a new itinerary, which also includes a tribute to the art and to the works that Mario and Guido Prayer have left us at churches, public buildings, cultural centers.
From 8 to 14 July, on the occasion of the Art Nouveau Week, and in collaboration with Italia Liberty, we daily propose a morning itinerary (Bari Umbertina) and an afternoon one (Mario and Guido Prayer).

For infos and reservations c/o EIEAD :
call +39 346 7279906
or email;;

The individual cost per itinerary is Euro 15;  for both ones Euro 25, to be paid by bank transfer to the account: 
account nr.: 010000003564
IBAN: IT05I0303204001010000003564
accountholder: E.I.E.A.D. 
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