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E.I.E.A.D. European Institute For Eurasian Dialogue Policies, Studies, Relations

The European Institute for Eurasian Dialogue is an Institute of International Relations, located in a privileged and interested observatory, which is Italy and the Puglia Region in particular.

Born in January 2013, as the “policy making” arm of the same organization as New Ideas, it aims atstrengthening, enlarging and making deeper the relationships with all those countries situated in the bridge area between the two continents.

Many countries and young republics need to find an equilibrated way towards a sustainable development, a pacific and civil cohabitation, either on  the internal  like on international side.

This is making of EIEAD an important instrument to create and/or consolidate relations, exchanges, industrial and economic co-operation initiatives, twinnings, to promote single events as well as projects and initiatives for the medium and long term.

EIEAD, with a solid relationship with the Italian diplomacy; strongly present in the Region, able to  enlarge its network of partners and foreign correspondent in all the EurAsian area, represents a valid interlocutor for those institutions, local administrations, entrepreneurs’ associations, cultural association, think-tanks,  who wish to become closer and closer, and develop a strong regional strategy.

EIEAD has a Scientific Committee composed by a restrict number of profiles and personality at international level, in diplomacy and politics, economics, university and culture. Since March 2018 EIEAD is also shareholder of Italian Blue Growth srl, organizer of SEAFUTURE.