2014-2016-2018: Seafuture

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Project Description

Since 2014 EIEAD has been co-operating with EPS, Italian Navy – Navy Base of La Spezia,  La Spezia Chamber of Commerce, Ligurian District of Sea Technologies, ICE Italian Institute for Foreign Commerce, Sace, Tecnomar Consortium, AIAD at the organization of SEAFUTURE, a Business Convention on Maritime Technologies and Blue Economy.

In particular, along the period of the most difficult economic crisis since 1929, EIEAD has been the key actor to address the workshop towards the Business Model of Refitting and Transformation of Navy ships and Industrial/Commercial ships into renewed vessels for Defense, Oil&Gas, Monitoring and Protection of Marine Resources, Civil Protection, Idrographic and Oceanographic Research.

October 2014: Seafuture Defence Refitting

On the occasion of the renewal of Italian Navy fleet, the purpose has been to show to other National Navies and Military bodies from third countries, the available offer of ships to be refitted, equipped with the newest technologies on-board, realized in much shorter time than normal delivery time of a brand-new product, protected by regular warranty, allowing significant savings in purchase price, accessible through certified contracts like “custom-based” financial solutions.

This business model, showing a new way to create business opportunities, has proved the effectiveness of networking among SMEs, their supply-chain policy towards the large groups, the importance of clusters-based initiatives as a driver for internationalization of entire sectors.

Based on the concept of a Business Convention, the formula of SEAFUTURE is composed of:

-technological and strategic seminars at the highest level with the most important experts at international level;

-B2B sessions (over 3000 since 2014) of exhibitors with National Navies;

-trial tours on ships to be refitted and on the newest ships delivered by the Italian shipyards;

-testing sessions on the latest developed technologies;

-exhibition stands of participating companies from all over the world;

-geopolitical roundtables and events.

May 2016: Seafuture & Maritime Technologies

From 72 exhibitors (out of 60 Italian firms, 12 foreign industrial groups) and 8 National Navies of the 2014 edition, till the 172 and 42 respectively of 2018, SEAFUTURE is today the most effective International Business Convention in this sector, and looks at enlarging more&more in 2020 its “technological vision” to all fields of the Blue Economy, where the same technologies may find application:

Safety&Securities of Activities at Sea (coastguards, response to maritime pollution, etc);

Smart&Resilient Blue Economy (research&innovation, cluster development, skills development&circulation, sustainable consumption&production/maritime transport/coastal&maritime tourism/aquaculture, entrepreneurship, investment opportunities, jobs);

-Good Governance of the Seas and Coastal Areas (spatial planning/land-sea interaction, maritime and marine knowledge, biodiversity and marine habitat conservation, sustainable fisheries and coastal community development).

June 2018: Seafuture 2018